• FAQs of instagram

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    Do I have to give you my password to Instagram account?

    No, you do not have to! Our company uses manual methods and we do not need your password to Instagram account. We guarantee all our clients safeness and full confidentiality!

    How do you get Instagram Followers?

    Our company is trustworthy. We never ask our clients to give their personal password to Instagram account. Once you made your order, you will receive only real Instagram Followers. Our service is safe and all the methods we use are secure and legal.

    How does your service work?

    When we receive the order, the first thing we do is checking the number of Instagram Followers you already have. Then we start providing you the ordered number of followers within a given time period. If we make any updates to your project, you will be informed promptly. We have access to top social networks and their users. They will be invited by us to visit your page. In such a way you will be provided with a desired Instagram Followers.

    How to order Instagram likes in right way?

    For good usability we automatized the process in way that during one order we deliver likes only on one photo URL.

    So, if you purchase pack of 100 Instagram likes you should provide link of photo where you would like to get ordered likes.

    E.g. Link to photo looks like this one:

    What guarantees can you give me?

    In most cases we deliver orders on time. In case we fail to deliver Instagram Followers, you will be refunded all your money or the portion. It will be discussed individually and will depend on the number of Followers you have got from us. Contact us if you have any question or dispute.

    What kind of payment will you accept?

    In our work we use PayPal payments. You can use any kind of credit card via PayPal.

    When am I going to start getting my ordered Instagram Followers?

    The amount of orders we receive is always changing. The final result will depend on the order’s volume. As our practice shows, it takes around 3 days to complete your order. Please check if your Instagram account is public.

    Will my new followers ever unfollow me?

    5-10% of followers may unfollow you during the first month, than the number of followers will be stable. Nevertheless, we provide extra followers to the number of followers you’ve ordered. So the final number of followers will be the desired one.

    Why followers/likes delivering so slowly?

    For reasons of safety and ban protection, we will deliver followers continuously – during 2-3 days.

    Don’t worry we proceed your order as soon as possible.

    Why the number of my followers/like do not increase?

    There could be several cases in which followers/likes are not delivering:

    1. Case: Your account is private.

    Solution: make your account public and keep public during we perform your order.

    2. Case: You’ve paid with eCheck.

    Solution: wait till your eCheck be cleared and if followers not appear after eCheck clearance for several days, please email us and we will check your payment.

    3. Case: Your payment was unauthorized.

    Solution: don’t even try to cheat, we do not perform unauthorized orders.

    4. Case: You provided false link while ordering.

    Solution: check the link/username that you’ve provided during purchase. If it is not right email us the right one with your Tracking ID and PayPal email.

    5. Case: You’ve changed your username and link to your account changed too.

    Solution: after you make a desired change, please, email us your new username and we will change the link and deliver the rest of the followers/likes.

  • Easy to Get Free iTunes Code with a Code Generator

    If you love to listen to music then you probably must be aware of iTunes. This is one of the popular online music stores where you will be able to download and also listen to music. However, you have to pay about one dollar for downloading one song on iTunes. This becomes pretty expensive when you have to download a collection of song.

    How will You Obtain Codes from Code Generator?

    iTunes is actually a music library, player, and a radio broadcaster which has been developed by Apple. However, to obtain music for free you will need an iTunes code generator for downloading songs. However, to download these you need to follow a proper procedure. This way you will be able to get codes that are authentic. If you want to get these codes, you will not have to give any personal information. This means that it is quite safe and secure.

    The good news is that you will be able to come across these code generators in various websites. The benefit of these codes is that it has no expiry date. You can use it pretty easily, all you have to do is to unlock and generate them. This generator works on all devices thus, you do not have to worry. This is an online tool and this means that you will not have to worry about not having space on your device to download it. Since it is online, there is no risk of harmful software entering the device and spoiling it.

    Other Methods to Obtain Codes for Free

    You will also be able to obtain codes if you become a part of a forum. Some people in the forum will offer you codes simply out of generosity. There are some companies which offer free codes when you purchase their products.


  • Getting Xbox Live Gold Codes is No Big Deal

    If you are an ultimate gamer and if you play games on Xbox then there is one thing that you will absolutely need and that is a subscription. This enables you to have multiple gaming experiences. It also allows you to invite your friends to enjoy the games along with you. When you subscribe you will also get a preview of the games even before they are released in the market.

    Being a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to enjoy discounts and various other offers. The subscriptions might seem expensive. However, there are some tips that you can apply for making sure that you are getting a Free Xbox live codes.

    Consider the Time Period

    The prices of Xbox vary based on the total number of months that you selecting for the service. The subscription ranges from one month to over a year. If you feel that you have shortage of money, you should go for the one month package, which cost the lowest.

    Look for Deals

    In order to get a subscription in an affordable price, it is vital that you be patient. This implies that you will have to look out for deals and take advantage of favorable situation. You should purchase the subscription only when the prices are good. You can also collect as many subscription cards as you can for including them in your current subscription. Collecting the cards means involvement for some considerable amount of time but it will be worth it. This is because you will have to pay less amount of money in future.

    Bundle it with Other Services

    There is another way by which you will be able to get Xbox live gold codes that is if you add it up with other services which you require on a regular basis. Majority of the retailers in the market bundle the subscription along with other accessories. This will enable you to save money and also enjoy various types of games.

    Use Coupons

    You can also use coupons for saving on your subscription money. You will be able to obtain the coupons from online retailers. As a matter of fact, you can also check the local newspaper and seek out some deals that you will be able to take advantage of. There are some online sites that specialize in offering deals for these subscriptions. You can keep a regular check on them. When you access the site for getting the service, the coupon code is sent to you via mail. After receiving the code you will just have to enter it in the Xbox to enjoy various games.

    Exchange Your Games

    There are some game stops which offer you to trade your games on exchange for a subscription. If these stores have some membership cards which are almost on the verge of expiring, they will be more than willing to truncate the prices of it. Always keep in mind that the place that you get your subscription from is the factor that determines the amount that you pay for it.

  • Ways to get free xbox live codes


    Xbox has a lot of games to offer, and it has tons of cool new gadgets for various types of games. There are different games in store, and most of them can be found on the Xbox live website. To get the most of your gaming experience, you will need a Free Xbox live codes of xbox.

    So how does the free code work? First of all, if you get the free code, online there is absolutely no twist or catch. You only need to buy the live car and then enter the code to collect the credits. When you complete the membership, you will instantly be redirected to the list page where various offers of the live code are. You do not need to pay for any of them since they are free. The people who you will get referring will also be able to get the special offers and the full covers of xbox live gold gratuit for you.

    If you want another way to Xbox Live 12 month gold membership without the surveys, then you need to get the codes directly from Amazon. Amazon offers not only the codes but also a kind of cool downloadable Xbox live game. You can purchase your favorite titles through Amazon. If you get the right code and the right offer, you might also get the live Gold subscription free. Remember though that when purchasing the codes, only visit the most legitimate sites like Amazon. Never buy codes from trading sites since most of those sites offer codes from prominent people. Once you pay for the combination, you might be asked to wait for a couple of days. After a couple of days, you will not receive the combination and the worse thing is that your money was also taken.